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Dollar General Review: Digital coupons

Dollar General. -. digital coupons. J. Jennifer Cragg of US. Sep 04, 2018 Verified customer. I was shopping at store number 08362 on 08/26/2018 and when I checked out my digital coupons did not work. It is not th first time either but this time it was 4 different coupons that equal to $4.25 all together. I phoned the customer service number

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Identity Direct: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims

I attempted to order 2 books from IdentityDirect yesterday. I had a 20% off coupon code that expired that day (10/31/11). The page that requested the coupon code indicated that it was accepted and showed my 20% discount being taken. However, on my "order review" page, the coupon was missing and I was being charged full price.

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TeenFreeway: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims

One time they advertised "Free Candy", well what the "Free Candy" actually was, was a $5 off a $5 purchase coupon to Hallmark. You could get whatever you wanted with the coupon. TeenFreeway sent a link to it through Facebook updates. I got the same coupon in my mail and email, around the same time TeenFreeway sent theirs.

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The order had gone through without a chance for me to apply my coupon code 25% off (VUP25). I called 1800flowers soon after the order was placed and explained to the rep what had happened. They said they would credit my pay pal account. I have yet to see the discount after numerous phone calls to both 1800flowers and PayPal.

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As many above have explained, the $7.95 fee is really a discount membership fee to, where people can cherry pick a wide variety of name-brand product coupons to be sent to them for 10% of the coupon's value, plus a flat $.75 shipping fee.

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Bath & Body Works Direct

Bath & Body Works Direct - false advertising. Bath & Body Works Direct. -. false advertising. This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. Placed order on Bath & Body Words website on 11/10/08. I ordered a Black Shave Gel. It was advertised that with any purchase you would receive a free full size after shave.

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Nestle: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims

Nestle - Always changing schedule delivery of replacing gallon waters. Since 13 years, I'm Subscribed customer with nestle Water Supply replacements on agreed scheduled every Saturday afternoon. Recently the delivery team always coming on unscheduled delivery day as me and my family not in Home on the time they deliver and always send regular complaints in …

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Coupon for free taco of your choice

I received 3 free taco coupons and decided to use my coupons that do not expire until 12/31/2018 on June 23, 2018 at the TA Taco Bell on 27769 Lagoon Dr, Buttonwillow, CA. 93206. I drove to the drive-thru and Vanessa the worker on duty proceeded to take my order at approximately 9:30 PM. I mentioned I have coupons for FREE tacos of my choice.

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I had a coupon code for free shipping plus 25% off! So I decided to order something from Boohoo. I received a payment confirmation email and realized they gave me only $5 discount. I immediately contacted Boohoo customer service and was told that there was nothing they could do. So I asked them to cancel, but they refused and told that my order

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Marlboro: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 3

Marlboro - marlboro coupons. I was getting two $1.50 off coupons per week..then they switched it over to one $1.50 off coupon per they switched it to one .50 cent off coupon per im having to switch over to different ciggerette brands now..and i been smoking there ciggerettes for over 30-years..and my father died from smoking

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Top 10 Worst Companies in Kansas City, MO

Helpful. 1 comment. Share Report Copy. Walgreens. Jan 22, 2022. Walgreens 7500 Wornall. Kcmo — Pharmacy. I needed my inhaler refilled 7 days …

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Dollar General Review: Coupons

I visited the store again today and have 2 coupons which I downloaded and added to my coupons on the DG app and when I got to the register and signed in it wouldn't take the coupons off and no one could figure out why not how to fix it. $5.00 may not seem like a lot to some people but it is to me, so instead of paying $14.59 I was charged $19.59.

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Julien's Auctions: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims

Julien's Auctions - Artwork. I will never buy from Julien's again. I purchased a piece of artwork in an auction on December 2, 2021 for which I was immediately billed for the item plus a OUTLANDISH shipping and handling charge of $342.84! I have received no communication from Julien's regarding the anticipated arrival of the item.

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ProFlowers: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims

Received an email from ProFlowers for a $15.00 Off Coupon Code. I've been away from home staying with a just-out-of-the-hospital family member. My husband and I have been apart for about 6 weeks. He's been having a very frustrating time while I've been away, and thought, "well you know, I can send HIM some flowers to cheer him up". I placed my

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CVS: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims

On 05/11/2022, I went to the South Hill VA CVS to pick up two refills. One was a 90 day supply of Amiodarone 200 mg. I was charged $12.74 when the Tricare allowed amount is $6.52.

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TurboTax: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims

TurboTax - Same product but price has increased 145%. Turbo Tax long term strategy was to get you hooked in and complacent with using their tax service over the last 10 years. Congress originally tasked them with making the tax filing process easy …

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PatPat: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims

As a new member, I tried placing an order through PatPat app on 11/23/2020. I used a new member coupon code for 5% off which is valid for 11/23 through 12/23. The App took me to paypal screen for processing transaction and when I processed the transaction, it took me back to PatPat app which said the coupon is not valid and just didn't place

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[Resolved] Review: Scam

Also, you as a restaurant, can state the terms of the coupon. Ive seen some coupons state you need to spend 35 to get the 25 off, 50 to get 25 off, or the purchase of 2 entrees. Its the restaurant's job to get repeat customers. Thats the whole reason youre in the business, right? there will always be cheap people, especially in this economy.

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Valvoline Instant Oil Change [VIOC]

Valvoline Instant Oil Change website coupon scam Coupon for about 1/2 off the regular oil change price can be printed out from website. In VERY small print in the middle of the 3 line "disclaimer" section at the bottom of the coupon it says "at participating dealers".

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Family Dollar: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 29

Gave the manager on duty five 20s one 100 and four 50s total of $400 to pay my bills. Check the receipt when I got into the car, and the manager only put $300 on my card. Return to the store immediately to let him know of his mistake. Nervously counted out his drawer three times, with a different amount each time.

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Facebook Review: Lissh, co. ltd wigs

The color is so off that I could not possibly think about wearing this unless for Halloween! I emailed my concerns and they sent me laborious instructions which included taken pictures of the wig and the packaging, which I carefully followed. You should use the coupon code before 2019/12/31, and the coupon code is only supported in this

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Roaman's Negative Reviews

The website had a lot of problems, finally worked -- and registered, on my confirmation page, that a 50% off coupon code for the highest-priced item had been accepted. i received a confirmation email for the order -- no coupon code applied at all. I telephoned customer service the following morning -- btw, they have LOUSY customer service hours

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Safeway: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 45

Received 30 Days of Savings for YOU mailer to my home - it had 10 items listed for me to receive discounts on and 4 $10.00 coupons off $50.00 + purchases at Safeway stores. I shopped for a large order, drawn in by the savings on the mailer, and when I gave it to the cashier I was told it didn't apply to their store.

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iHerb: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 4

Use coupon code OPI483 to save on $10 off or more on your purchases. This coupon works only for new customers- just register a new account on iherb to use coupon code OPI483. $1.95 (but they charge $2.66 and tried to adjust the price back to $1.95 by using part of the first time customer $5.00 off.) 3) advertised trial product for $1.00 for

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Bloomex: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 16

I thought I'd search for coupons and came across and found a flowers coupon code for a15% off discount on I used the code "deal" in the coupon code field before checkout and saved $9 off my order. Sweet! The flowers arrived on time, and my friend told me the flowers were awesome.

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Schwan's Home Service: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims

Schwan's Home Servicereviews & complaints. Schwan's Home Service. reviews & complaints. Learn how the rating is calculated. 49 complaints. 12 resolved 37 unresolved. File a complaint Table of contents. Claim listing.

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BioLife Plasma Services 3275 Finger Rd, Green Bay, WI Complaints …

Biolife Plasma Services — Compensation. I donate regularly at my local site on Finger Road in Green Bay Wisconsin. On March 24th I donated at this site and asked that the returning customer coupon code be entered (offer code [protected]). The offer was for six visits paid out at: $20, $100, $20, $100, $20, $240.

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[Resolved] Ecco Review: Disintegrating soles

Jan 25, 2010 5:29 pm. Review updated: Jan 10, 2022. Resolved. The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. Replied. The company left an official comment on this complaint. Featured review. This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. When the soles of my Ecco MX hiking boots

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On March 30 2010 I purchased a charter bundle of internet, tv & telephone service it came with promotional of $50 for each item, total of $150 I didn't print the rebate coupons off at that time because you had to set up a service date to progress to that point I was called the next day by charter representative to set up a installation date to

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[Resolved] GoDaddy Review: Rip-off

GoDaddy. -. rip-off. The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. Tonight I signed into Go-daddy after receiving an email advertising their .INFO domain names for $.99. for 1 year. I found my name was available and selected a one

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[Resolved] Clarks Review: Soles fall apart!

The soles of My Clark loafers completely cracked and disintegrated, leaving chunks of sole and stains on my carpet. Because the style was from 2004 customer service rep said this was to be expected and that "lots of people like to complain online" . All he offered were coupons for money off on a new pair (which I will never ever buy..DONE WITH

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