2021 Biggest List of Senior Discounts (Restaurants, Retail

Goodwill: 10% – 20% off one day a week (date varies by location – 55+) Hallmark: 10% off one day a week (date varies by location; age may vary depending on the product) iParty: 10% senior discount every day; ask for a discount as soon as you get to the checker Kohl’s: 15% off on Wednesdays (60+) See Kohl’s Coupons >>

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2021 Senior Discounts For Grocery Stores The Senior List

Senior discounts are hard to find, but they are out there! 2021 List of Senior Discounts in Grocery. American Discount Stores: 10% off every Monday (62+) verified Bi-Lo: 5% off every Wednesday (60+) verified Compare Foods Supermarket: 10% off every Wednesday (60+)

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2021 List of Senior Discounts For Retail Stores

2021 List of Senior Discounts for Retail Stores. The Senior List offers the most comprehensive list of Senior Discounts anywhere! Here's a List of Retail Deals for aging adults, some as early as 50+. It never hurts to ask, now go out there and get your senior discount!

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2021 Best Travel Discounts For Seniors The Senior List

Senior Discounts on Car Rentals. Alamo Car Rental: Up to 25% off for AARP members verified Avis Senior Discounts: AARP members save $10-$25 off Avis Car Rental verified Budget Rent-A-Car Senior Discount: Everyday savings of 10-25% on all vehicles (domestic and international).Use Budget Customer Discount (BCD) # Y508537 to get the lowest rate(s) for AARP members (50+) verified

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2021 List of Senior Discounts for Restaurants The Senior

“Taco Bell is 10% off, apparently up from the former 5%; plus free beverages. Age requirement is 65 and over. Discount may be franchisee specific. Wendy’s is 10% off for ages 55+, though at least one Wendy’s in Topeka, Kansas gave a free …

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2021 Senior Discounts on Prescriptions The Senior List

You and the family are then covered for certain generic drugs (starting at $5 for a 30-day supply and starting at $10 for a 90-day supply). Also covers 10% of pet prescription and 25% off vaccinations. The Drug Price lookup tool is an easy way to see if and how much you can save. verified

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Applebee's Senior Discounts

Applebee’s: 10-15% off (varies by location) MAY require Golden Apple Card (60+) verified. Applebee’s Restaurants offer senior discounts at many locations, but they don’t seem to have a policy across-the-board to govern these discounts. If you’re not sure about your local Applebee’s Restaurant, call ahead and ask.

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Best Prescription Discount Cards for Seniors Save Money

3. SingleCare - Best for High-Cost Medications. Overall Rating: 4.2 / 5. SingleCare’s super-smart system searches for the lowest medication prices and sends you a coupon to present at the counter of over 35,000 popular pharmacies nationwide, including Kroger, Walmart, Albertsons, CVS, and more. What We Like ↓.

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A Guide to Prescription Discount Cards for Seniors Save

If you have clipped coupons for groceries and the like, you won’t have much trouble figuring out how to use the prescription discount cards. Think of them as your all-in-one coupons for saving up to 80 percent on the price of prescription medications. In fact, many a time, card users end up getting common generic medications for absolutely free.

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Burger King Senior Discounts

photo courtesy: wikipedia List of Restaurant Discounts For Seniors! Burger King Senior Discounts. Burger King Senior Discounts: 10% off (60+) plus additional discounts on coffee and soft drinks. Like many franchise restaurants, Burger King offers senior discounts at many locations, but they don’t seem to have a policy across-the-board to govern senior discounts.

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Amtrak Senior Discounts

I tried the suggestion above, and when you check off “Senior” it asks for a code number and won’t proceed without one. But I can’t find anything that explains how to sign up and get the code. Reply. Kathleen says: January 2, 2019 at 6:46 pm.

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Arby's Senior Discounts

Y College kids are starving to death! I have been asking for coupons be sent to my home! Seniors we are ask if we have coupons 2 for 1 by the employees bc we are frequent customers 4 or 5 times a week we stop there to eat! Would like some coupons please. H Reply. Cindy Henke says: April 2, 2021 at 2:59 pm.

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Denny's Senior Discounts

Denny’s: Senior discounts varies by location, 15% off for AARP members. verified . Denny’s Restaurants offer senior discounts at many locations, but like many franchisors, they don’t have a policy across-the-board to govern senior discounts. Denny’s does offer a 55+ menu with smaller portions, and better prices. (We like this a lot!)

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Boston Market Senior Discounts

Boston Market Senior Discounts. Boston Market Senior Discounts vary by location (65+) Boston Market Restaurants offer senior discounts at many locations, but they don’t seem to have a policy across-the-board to govern these discounts. Local offers abound. If you’re not sure about your local Boston Market Senior Discount, call ahead and ask.

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Dunkin Donuts Senior Discounts

2021 List of Restaurant Discounts For Seniors! Dunkin’ Donuts Senior Discounts: AARP members receive a free donut with the purchase of a large or XL coffee (at participating restaurants) verified. Dunkin’ Donuts offers a senior discount to AARP members.

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Kroger Supermarkets to Cut Senior Discounts

Kroger Supermarkets to Cut Senior Discounts. Kroger shoppers over the age of 59 have been cashing in on savings on Kroger corporate brand products since the grocery chain implemented its senior citizen discount program in the early 2000s. However, some will be met with an unpleasant surprise at the checkout counter on March 15 when the company

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Medical Alert Scam Calls Recorded

Medical Alert Scam Call Recording. Ironically The Senior List received has received calls from these medical alert fraudsters, the latest coming just this week. The numbers that were captured through our caller ID was 212-660-5351 and the other number we captured was 516-435-7389.

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Waffle House Senior Discounts

Waffle House in Fort Worth – photo credit wikipedia 2021 List of Restaurant Discounts For Seniors! Waffle House Senior Discounts. Waffle House Senior Discount: At Waffle House, there is no standard policy regarding senior discounts. In fact, when we reached out to Waffle House for verification, they noted that the Waffle House senior discounts may vary depending on the location you visit.

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Prices & Costs in 2021

Batteries can be swapped without turning off the unit. Water-resistant. 5-year warranty: From $2,495: Invacare XP02: 6.4 lbs. Five oxygen settings via pulse dose delivery system. Oxygen purity from 87% to 95.6%. FAA approved. 5-hour battery life for single battery, 10 hours for double battery. 2.5-hour battery recharge time

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Contact The Senior List

We listen to and read every piece of feedback, and we will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible. Our policy is to promote open communication, and we look forward to hearing your suggestions and recommendations. Our Company Headquarters: 10117 SE Sunnyside Rd. Ste. F #1189. Clackamas, OR 97015. Phone: (503) 334-4642.

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SimpliSafe Home Security Systems for Seniors

SimpliSafe is a home security system for seniors that is optimally priced, smart, and responsive when it comes to getting older adults the help they need in the event of an emergency. Be it intruders, fires, water damage or medical emergencies, this home security system has your back. The sleek base station collects inputs from the many

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Most Affordable Hearing Aids in 2021 Cheap Hearing Aids

AARP Hearing Care Program: The AARP Hearing Care Program provided by HearUSA offers members 20% off digital hearing aids, a free hearing-check up, a free cleaning for your current hearing aids, and a free demonstration of latesting hearing aid technology, along with other benefits. You’ll also get access to a risk-free 90-day trial, 1-year

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eHarmony for Seniors Dating Site Review

This is good news because older adults are one of the fastest-growing demographics in online dating. 35 percent of those over 50 say that online dating is how they most often find a date. As opposed to other services like Tinder or Bumble, eHarmony is the go-to site for those looking for serious, long-term commitments.

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Best Apps for Seniors in 2021

Pandora is a music app that is free to download and use. For ad-free music, you need to pay $4.99 to $9.99 per month. Meanwhile, Audible offers you a 30-day free trial and then you will invest in a subscription of $7.95 to $14.95 per month. Written By.

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Best Medical Alert Systems 2021

Bay Alarm Medical Equipment. On-The-Go, Fall Detection, and Wearable Pendant from Bay Alarm Medical. On-The-Go Alert System. In-The-Car. In-The-Car System. Bay Alarm Medical medical alert systems. Pros. One-time $35 fee for additional help …

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Consumer Cellular Phones and Plans for Seniors in 2021

For $250, in addition to a $40 monthly service plan, the Grandpad is a great way for your loved one to make calls, browse the web, and stay connected with family members. Using the Grandpad’s smartphone app, a caregiver can create a private circle of family and friends in order to facilitate communication.

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Hero Pill Dispenser Review Is the Hero Medication

The Hero pill dispenser itself costs $99.99 upfront and then $29.99 a month. In order to use the dispenser, all customers have to pay that $29.99 a month membership. After the first 30 days, the customer will be charged for the entire year, a total amount of $359.88 not …

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Otofonix Hearing Aids: Features, Costs & Pricing in 2021

The Encore hearing aids are Otofonix’s most powerful hearing aids, starting at $395 for a pair. These hearing aids have dual-directional microphones to understand what is happening in front of and behind the wearer. The devices are for moderate hearing loss, and they come with a power kit to power 53 dB of audio gain.

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